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Historical, fantasy, entertainment and theater products, like clothing, accessories, weapons and decorative items

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Welcome to Pirates Cave, the place to dream away........!


Historical and fantasy clothing, weapons and decorative items, for theatre, re-enactment, LARP, fantasy fairs or theme parties and decoration.
Historical eras like; Medieval, Baroque, Renaissance, Victorian, Old Western, and fantasy.
Theme's such as; Pirate, Dickens, Gothic, Steampunk and fantasy, for LARP, theatre, movie clothing, accessories and props for decoration.

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Crochet fantasy Pixie, witch, boho and folk sweaters, vests, capelets and spencers made of acryl - wool in many different colours, some inspired by movies like The Gyptians, The Mad Hatter and the Golden Compass
Nice and warm clothing for the cold and dark days of Autumn and Winter and specially for the Magical days in December.

vests - discount about 30% and 35%
sweaters - discount about  33%
spencers - discount about  35% and 40%
capelets - discount about  30% and 33%
And also crochet accessories on sale like;
Nice warm and colourful crochet fantasy, winter armwarmers   -  50% discount
Colourful crochet fantasy belts   -  40% discount



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