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Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque and Victorian shirts or blouses, such as pirate shirts and fantasy shirts

Historical and fantasy shirts or blouses of high quality, made of cotton, linen or viscose.

Almost every shirt or blouse is available in various colors. Hand washing is recommended because of possible shrinkage.

We have thick and thin fabric Medieval shirts, clothing for peasants, pastor or poet shirt. Of course we also have pirate shirts.
Many shirts are in wide models. Some are less wide and more suitable as a western shirt. Those less wide shirts are nice shirts for Western Dancing or re-enactment. A wide model with puff sleeves can also be used as a cowboy shirt as Wyatt Earp.

Beautiful, historic and fantasy clothing and funny shirts based on Mad Hatter are also suitable as stage clothing, for theater or museums, steampunk and fantasy fairs, LARP or reenactment or just use it as themed clothing at your themed parties.
For Carnival you can use our clothes more often, because the quality is as normal clothing and is washable. No more Carnival with cheap fabrics, but now with affordable, real, and washable clothing.

Ready for a new Pirate shirt? Just come and get it.

To determine your size, use the link in the Topbar "size converter".

To see all available different colours of the shirts, just click on the article and you'll see more pictures and the complete describtion of the article.


Some pictures can reflect the colours of the articles not quite correctly in comparison of the real article, also depending on the view on everyone's screen.


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