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Historical battle ready, forged swords and daggers for real combat, from the brands UrsVelunt and Cas Hanwei

Historical battle ready forged swords and daggers for combat from the brands Urs Velunt and Cas Hanwei, for full contact fights or practice battles, for re-enactment.

Swords and daggers are with edges of 2,5 to 3 mm thick, so not sharp


Notice: Some items presented here may be restricted or prohibited in certain areas and/or countries.
Please check with your local law enforcement authorities and customs agents.
Pirates Cave will not be responsible for any items seized or confiscated.

Pirates Cave does not sell all articles shown in some catalogs. Some are forbidden to sell in the Netherlands

For packages above 1 meter (39,37 Inch) in length, we have to adjust the shipping costs for some Countries afterwards.
You will receive message about this by e-mail, if this is the case for your country you live in.
(Do not worry for too high shipping costs and that you are stuck on it. You can always cancel your order).


Pirates Cave can not be held responsible for any damages or injuries caused by use of weapons bought at Pirates Cave. Use of arms is entirely at your own risk.

Some pictures can reflect the colours of the articles not quite correctly in comparison of the real article, also depending on the view on everyone's screen.

Below a PDF Catalog of Urs Velunt and Cas Hanwei battle ready swords
Click on the picture to open the PDF file.
We do not take orders from this catalog below 50 Euro. (This to ensure cost-effective purchases from wholesalers) 

If you want to place an order out of the catalog, or you have a question, just e-mail us; sales@pirates-cave.com


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