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Smartphone purse sets

Smartphone purse with non-medical face mask sets.
You don't always have pockets in your skirt or jeans. The back pockets of your jeans are no safe place for your smartphone.
You don't always want to take your purse with you, loaded with stuff you don't have to use when you're taking a walk, hiking etc.
You simply need your smartphone. This is the solution, a sturdy purse for your smartphone, easy to take with you and a face mask, just in case.
In several colours, fabrics and dessins.
Suitable for Samsung Galaxy smartphones and other smartphones. The size is mentioned in the description.
Each non-medical face mask made by Pirates Cave is made of 2 layers of fabric and with elastic ear straps.
Our face masks are available in multiple colors.
Mostly the inside and outside also are different in colors and prints, wearable at either side.
Once chosen a side, stick to it until washed.
Washable at 40 degrees.

These 2-layer face masks are suitable for traveling in public transport, also known in the Netherlands as OV.

Non-medical face masks are compulsory in public transport from 1 June 2020.
You wear them only to a small extent to protect yourself, but most of all it can reduce the risk of spreading drops from the mouth and nose through the environment.
It is not a substitute for, but an addition to the applicable hygiene rules.

- The non-medical face masks are not medical devices.
- The non-medical face masks have not been tested or tried to determine to what extent the distribution of drops from the mouth and nose of the wearer is reduced.
- Material from vacuum cleaner bags, diapers, insulating material, etc. are unsuitable because these materials can cause health damage.
- Wearing a face mask can feel stuffy, especially in the beginning.
- The face mask is not suitable for intensive movement.
- The face mask is not suitable to use for health problems that quickly cause shortness of breath. In that case, consultation with the doctor is recommended.

Stay safe!

© 2005 copyright Pirates Cave

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