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Gift Card

Gift Card 50 Gift Card

Gift Card 50 Gift Card

The Gift Certificate of Pirates Cave

If you do not know what to give as a gift, then choose the gift certificate from Pirates Cave.
Theater, Larp or fantasy, or just for daily!
Historical or fantasy clothing, various accessories, weapons, leather or decorative items.
Also woolen accessories such as scarves and nice hats, etc ...

The gift voucher is valid for 1 year from the moment of purchase.
Available in 10, - 20, - 30, - 40, - and 50, - Euro.
To be used with 1 purchase, so spreading over multiple purchases is not possible.

While ordering set Shipping costs estimation on "pickup in the store".
After ordering, we will send an e-mail the same day with the gift voucher as a file attached.
It is then up to the customer whether he wants to print it on A4 or to e-mail it to the lucky recipient.
When printing, make sure you have to set up your prints on landscape!

A second option is to send it directly to the lucky recipient during the ordering process.
A name and full address of the recipient must be entered beneath "delivery address" in the "enter data" list.
In this case set Shipping costs estimation on "Delivery in enveloppe".
This option is not insured and at risk for customer!

The user of the gift card must use the unique code by filling it in at the "comments" box. during the order proces.
The customer may himself transfer the gift amount on the total amount less.
Or the customer does not make a payment yet.
We will see that (not always directly, depending on what we are doing) and send an email with information about the amount still to be paid.

© 2005 copyright Pirates Cave

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